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Jim Ewing

Jim Ewing is a native North Carolinian. He was born and raised in Charlotte. His college years were spent at Appalachian State University. Returning to Charlotte, Jim worked for one of the national banks and then a small commercial real-estate appraisal firm. After several years of discernment he responded to God's call by attending Union Presbyterian Seminary in Richmond, VA. While studying there he met a St. Andrews Presbyterian College alumni who encouraged him to apply for the Chaplaincy program in Laurinburg. Having graduated from Union he moved back to North Carolina and served as Chaplain for St. Andrews Presbyterian College for five years.


Responding to a call in 2009 to partner in ministry at CPC, Jim says, “we were excited about serving this church because of the strong leadership and the compassionate, faithful, folks that make up this wonderful congregation." Currently he serves Community Presbyterian Church as the minister for Mission and Pastoral Care. Jim has been married for just over a decade to Carrie.  Together they have two young children, a daughter, Emma Grace and a son James. Together, the family cares for several uncooperative, obstinate, and unruly house plants which are barely hanging on.

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