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We are designed to live our lives in relationship with God and with one another.  We believe that the Christian faith is best lived in a community of other Christians who are also seeking to grow in their knowledge of loving and serving God.  When you connect with CPC you are becoming part of a community who loves God, loves one another, and seeks to support one another in living lives of faith and compassion.




While one can be a Christian and not be a member of a faith community, we believe that faith lived in community with others is simply richer, deeper, more joyful and more faithful to God’s Word.


We're not made to travel alone...

  When you connect with us here at CPC – You become the Church- with us!  
We focus on three powerful principles that we believe strengthens our mission and equips believers to experience an authentic, growing, and vibrant relationship with God. As a church, we provide environments where you can experience each of these essential purposes.
These three basics of the Christian life are to WORSHIP, GROW and SERVE.

"We exist not for ourselves but to love God, and make God's love known."

Grow with us and become more deeply rooted in God's Word, applying it's truths to your life and relationships.





Create an impact by using your time, talent + treasure to make God's love known. Explore our opportunities to extend Christ's compassion.




We invite you to engage with us to help focus your heart, soul and mind to the Glory of God with worship to open your life to God.




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