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Sunday morning offerings- children's discipleship hour 10:45am-11:45am
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 Kindergarten-5th Grade are invited to join!

(Upstairs Nursery is available for birth-preschool; 10:15am-11:45am)

The Children’s Ministry at CPC continues to explore the mission of our church;

“We exist not for ourselves but to love God, and make God’s love known,”

with our youngest members.


Our Sunday school lessons follow the Worship, Grow and Serve model. We learn about our church, and how we worship God as a community of faith. We grow in our knowledge of the Bible and the stories and characters within the Scripture. We practice ways to be good stewards of God’s creation and serve others by sharing our gifts. 

The classes will begin and end in the Children's Ministry area downstairs 10:45 am (directly after the Children's Message in church) until the end of the worship service*.  Parents are also welcome to socialize at Holy Grounds after the service and can pick up their children by 11:45am.* and We hope your children can join us! Contact Molly Towers with any questions or call 910-295-6848,

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children's mid-week offerings- PAWS (K-5th grade)-Thursdays 2:30p-5:00p

PAWS (Prayer and Worship Skills)

PAWS is a program that teaches children about their prayer and worship life.  Children are better able to engage themselves meaningfully if they are given the skills to pray and worship in a way that speaks to them.  We do this through music, prayer, teaching and fellowship.

Each Thursday, the children move through the following schedule:

·      2:30pm to 2:50pm

  • A church volunteer walks to PES and gets the kids after school  *must arrange with Kirsten AND the school for walkers

·      2:50pm to 3:40pm

  • Children begin their homework, children from other schools arrive, all children have snack and monitored free play.

·      3:45pm to 4:20pm

  • Dismissal.  All children must be picked up inside the church building and signed out.  A volunteer dismissal coordinator will be available to assist with this process.




Register by calling the church office at 295-6848
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